Alaska Fishing Lodge


Get the BEST!

A quality Alaska fishing lodge should have one most important thing before you consider staying with them: Location!. The lodge should be on a river that has excellent fishing right on the river that it is located.

How Do Fishing Lodges Operate?

Many lodges operate a program of “Daily fly-out-fishing.” What that means is that everyday, ALL the guests must pack up into an airplane and fly to a different destination to spend the day. There are some huge drawbacks to this type of program. First, it puts every guest on a set schedule. This means that you have to be up at a certain time in the morning and that you are going to fish with people that you do not know that are also guests. Second, your time is limited by either the schedule (the plane must have everyone back for dinner so that the we know that everyone is OK and that there was not a problem with the airplane whether the fish will be biting or not), or by the weather. Each guest must get on the plane in the morning or they do not get to fish that day. The weather could be terrible and they may not be able to fly. Then the guests are just sitting around waiting on weather. Or the weather could turn ugly once on the fly-out river and some guests may not be having a good time while others may still want to fish. Third, flying everyday to get to the best spots takes a lot out of the guest. ALASKA is a long ways away and guests spend a much time traveling to get to accomodations. Now they want to fish—not have to travel some more everyday to fish.

What the Best Lodges Offer

The best lodges will offer the angler a combination of both fly-out fishing and trophy fishing on its “Home” river—the river the lodge is located on. The ALASKA SPORTSMAN’S LODGE operates its program in this manner. This offers EXCELLENT FISHING right out its front door! When deciding where to build, the owners decided that it was very important to have excellent Fishing that was accessible by boat from the dock. Each day guests are given the choice to fish with their guide on the Kvichak or to fly-out to one of the nearby streams to fish for the day. The big difference that the ALASKA SPORTSMANS LODGE has is that guests have unlimited guided time. That means that they can fish after dinner if they wish. Many times, you have best luck in the early morning and then in the evening. Many times, the guests at the ALASKA SPORTSMANS LODGE will get up early and fish in the morning. These guests take advantage of the early bite and have excellent results. Then the guest may come in and enjoy a nice lunch. Guests then can fish in the afternoon or relax. Then after dinner, guest will take advantage of our midnight sun and have some more excellent FISHING!.