Alaska Fishing Vacation


Enjoy a perfect Alaska fishing vacation! Alaska fishing vacations are becoming more and more popular as remote parts of Alaska becomes more accesible. Now, a fishing vacation is not only for the avid fly fishermen. More and more people that have never fished before are taking up this very enjoyable sport. Plus, at our lodge, Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge, we are seeing an increase in the number of women that have taken up the sport of fishing.

Why a Fishing Vacation?

What makes it great in Alaska is not the excellent fishing opportunities, but the amazing beauty of remote Alaska, the abundance of wildlife, and the serene tranqulity that guests find at the Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge. It is not just a fishing trip. It is an adventure into a vast, pristine, wild, and remote part of Alaska. Twenty years ago it was an all day event to fly into many areas of Alaska. Now, there are many improved gravel landing strips throughout the Bristol Bay area. This allows larger airplanes to access these prime fishing areas. It also made it more reasonable to build lodges in these areas. We picked our location because of the excellent fishing and now crowds right on our home river. We did not want it to be a necessity to fly-out everyday to get to the good fishing.

Families Love Alaska Fishing Vacations!

Many families are choosing to take their precious vacation time to lodges like the ALASKA SPORTSMANS LODGE. People are finding out that this remote, isolated and first-class recreation lodge is the perfect spot to enjoy each other and to create a very tight bond. Families will remember and talk about this trip for the rest of their lives. The whole experience will create memories that will help stregthen the bond between mother/father and the kids. It is a fun trip! Your trip to the ALASKA Sportsman’s Lodge is world-class. Your trip begins with a very scenic flight over the Chigmit Mountain range 240 miles southwest of Anchorage. Upon arrival at the lodge you will find yourselve in the heart of the best sport fishing in the world. Giant King salmon, millions of delicious tasting Sockeye salmon, acrobatic Coho Salmon, and of course, Alaska’s largest rainbow Trout are all in abundance in this fisherman’s paradise. Each day your professional guide will take you throughout the river drainage from one secret spot to the next. Your guides are all USCG and Alaska Department of Fish and Game liscensed and are at your disposal. You will have the opportunity to fish as much as you wish. We have guests that will fish all day long—even after dinner. We also have guests that enjoy getting to fish in the morning and will then relax by the fireplace with a good book or a card game. The point is that this is your trip and we will do everything that we can to make this the type of trip that you want.