Alaska Fly Fishing


Alaska fly fishing. Just saying those three words brings images of giant native rainbow Trout, aggressive salmon, and pristine crystal clear streams to an angler’s mind. Alaska is the place to go for fresh water sport fishing. And the southwest area of Alaska—the lake Iliamna and Bristol Bay areas—offer the fly fishermen an opportunity to experience some of the most prolific fly fishing in the world!

Fly Fishing Only?

This area is ALASKA’S only designated trophy rainbow Trout area and many of the streams are designated as "FLY FISHING ONLY." This is also the home to the largest salmon runs in the world. The ALASKA Sportsman’s Lodge is strategically located four miles down stream from Lake Iliamna on the Kvichak River. This gin-clear sixty mile long river is the only connection for ALASKA’S largest lake to the ocean. This means that every one of the millions of salmon that return each summer to the Lake Iliamna system must swim right past the lodge. And where there are salmon there are rainbow Trout—lots of them!

Alaska fly fishing for giant rainbow Trout differs from the rest of the world in a few ways. First, with the exception of a few select times throughout the summer, is done with wet flies such as streamers and egg patterns. This is because most of the food source—salmon fry, salmon eggs, sculpins, etc.—are down deep in the streams. Secondly, most of the small stream Fishing is done with floating line and by adding weight to the leader. Most of the streams flow too fast to just make use of the weighted fly. Thus the ALASKA fishermen must become accustomed to casting with weight on their line. The third difference is that in ALASKA—especially on the Kvichak River—the fishermen will need to use an 8 weight rod with a 0x leader/tippet. It is hard for a lot of avid fishermen to believe that they will need a fly rod of this weight. The rainbow Trout are wild and fight for keeps.

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