Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge


Alaska salmon fishing lodge for the fisherman who wants to catch ’em means business! Make it easy and choose a trip to the best Alaska salmon fishing lodge at ALASKA SPORTSMAN’S LODGE. Otherwise, there are many different fishing lodges in Alaska and choosing the one that is perfect for you will take some investigation and a bit of an education about salmon.

Here’s why:

All salmon return to their original hatching area to spawn after growing to maturity in the ocean. As the salmon spend time in the fresh water they go through a physical change and shortly after they are done spawning they will die. These fish will migrate up river from the ocean to their spawning grounds. Salmon can swim as many as 30 miles in a day. Salmon also stop feeding once in the rivers. The reason that the fish will strike at your fly or lure is because of instinct or your fly or lure has invaded the fish’ territory. The longer the fish is in the fresh water, the less likely they are to strike at a fly or lure out of instinct (The instinct is from its feeding habits in the ocean. You want to imitate what they were feeding on in the ocean). What this means for you, the angler, is that the further down river you are (towards the ocean), the brighter, stronger, and more aggressive they will be.

Many places are located on a lake or even a river that does not have trophy salmon there. The general breakdown is as follows: Remember the saying, "Location, location, location!" If you go to any location that has "road access" from Anchorage, it is going to be extremely crowded. Even the places that are on rivers that are relatively close to Anchorage that are only accessible by air will have many people there. Anchorage has the largest number of pilots per capita in the world. Many "local" fishermen will fly to these same rivers that lodges are located on and fish them for a day or two. That means more crowds. The key is to find a lodge that is remote, has excellent sport there, and yet is not too difficult to get to.