Chum Salmon know as the "Dog" Salmon by Alaskans


The Chum Salmon—know as the
“Dog” Salmon by Alaskans—is unquestionably the
most underrated fish in Alaska. It is called a Dog Salmon because
the native Alaskan people would feed this fish to their sled dogs
in the winter. It is the least flavorful of the salmon. But, having
said all that, this is a great fighting fish. The Chum Salmon
averages 15 pounds and is a very aggressive fish when it first
enters its native streams on its way to the spawning beds. These
fish aggressively attack a bright colored fly that is presented
in an erratic stripping motion. Once hooked, they will easily
test the skill of the angler on the other end as they make strong
runs. Our guests can expect to hook into 20-30 fish per day when
the run is on. This is a great fish for the first time fly fishermen
as well as the seasoned veteran. There are plenty of fish so the
novice fly fisher will have the opportunity to hook and land fish.
The Chum Salmon is a “catch and release” fish, but
imagine catching 20 fish that weighed 15 pounds and fought very
hard. That would be a great day and your arm will probably be
sore! The prime dates for chum fishing are from July 15—August