Our Adventures

World-class Fishing, Flight Seeing, Wildlife Viewing - We Have it All.

Our goal at Bear Trail Lodge is to provide each guest with a quality Alaska experience each day.

We fish by wading, drifting, casting or plugging. You can fly fish or use conventional gear. There are streams only for fly fishing, and there are rivers that allow both fly fishing and conventional gear. The type of fishing you do while at our lodge is your choice. Your guide is there to help you and to educate you about the rivers we fish. They will fish you whichever way you enjoy the most. All of the methods are successful.

The location of the lodge, on the trophy-class Naknek River, assures our guests will have the opportunity to fish every day during their stay at the lodge. Most lodges in this area require you to fly out each day because there is limited fishing where their lodges are located. Alaska weather is unpredictable, however, and can prevent flights from taking off and coming back on schedule, so it is  important to choose a lodge that can provide trophy fishing opportunities every day of the season--even when flying isn't an option.

At Bear Trail Lodge, we have the best of both worlds. The fishing is excellent on our “home” river, and we are very close to many “fly-out rivers,” as well. Many times throughout the season, especially when targeting big rainbow trout, the Naknek is the river of choice. But, throughout the Bristol Bay/Lake Iliamna region there are tremendous fishing opportunities, and we want our guests to have the chance to see and experience the flavor of this great area. With that in mind, our program incorporates fly outs to take guests to different rivers to fish for salmon, Arctic char, and rainbow trout. Our central location makes many of the remote streams accessible and only a short flight away. We are near Katmai National Park and Preserve and have permits to operate on “limited access” rivers.

The benefit of choosing to visit Bear Trail Lodge is that whether you decide to fly out to fish a nearby stream or stay and experience the wonders our home river offers, your day will be filled with adventure and excitement. All fly outs are included in the package price.

Your Trip - Your Way

  • Decide how many nights you will be staying with us.
  • Decide what types of experiences you want to have.
  • Leave the rest to us.

If you are planning to stay with us five days, our most common package looks like this:

Day 1: Fishing for salmon on the Naknek River.

Day 2: Fly out excursion hiking through the tundra to access remote streams.

Day 3: Bear viewing at the Brooks waterfalls in Katmai National Park.

Day 4: Fly out excursion to raft down small creeks for char, grayling and trout.

Day 5: Fly out excursion to spey fish along the Nush or Kvichak River.

Everything but gratuity is included in your package pricing. There are no additional add-on costs associated with our packages. That means all packages include: accommodations, food and beverages, fly outs, all gear necessary for your adventure.

On each excursion you'll be accompanied by a guide. We prefer a 2:1 client to guide ratio but are happy to accommodate larger groups should they prefer.