Fly Fishing – Where To Go


Enjoy fly fishing as it should be! Fly fishing has been a sport in America for many years. It was not until recently that fly fishing has become very popular. Many movies in recent years have had fly fishing as a part of the overall movie theme. The accessibility for people to get to remote places such as Alaska, the Bahamas, and Costa Rica has also helped propel the sport of fly fishing into a higher level of popularity. There has also been the development of local and state fly fishing clubs that helps educate and teach the techniques involved in fly fishing.

Fly Fishing – Where to Go?

Probably the best place in the world to go fly fishing is in Alaska, and more specifically the Lake Iliamna area. This area has huge salmon runs, abundance of rainbow trout, and many other species of fish for the angler to challenge them. Thirty years ago just getting to Anchorage was a logistical challenge. Then getting to the remote area of Lake Iliamna, which is 200 miles away and only accessible by airplane, was an exclusive journey reserved for only the very wealthy. There have been many improvements in remote Alaska that have made for improved runways and more accessibility to some of the best spots. It is still necessary for the angler to book a trip into a lodge to experience the best Alaska has to offer. Alaska Native Corporations privately owns much of the land and the lodge will have a land use agreement with many of these corporations. It is also necessary to have access to a float equipped airplane. These floatplanes will allow you to get into the best of the best of these areas.