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Fall Spey Week

Late fall on the Naknek River in Bristol Bay brings fly-fishing anglers searching for trophy trout.

As salmon throughout the river systems die off in droves, robust rainbow trout eagerly migrate into the river from the immense Naknek Lake with one sole purpose— to feed.

They are some of the largest, brightest and toughest fish we see all season. Like their cousins, the steelhead, their energetic jumps and powerful runs will test your knots.

These rainbows range from 26 to just over 30 inches and boast gluttonous girths of 18 inches or more. The opportunity to land a rainbow over thirty inches is why we’re all here, and like steelhead fishing, it’s not for the faint of heart.

In 20 minutes you can fly to many small streams and catch over 50 trout in a day, but none offer a higher prize than the Naknek’s big fat rainbows. Although typically catching fewer fish, the chance to hook a trophy lies in every cast.

An Experience to Remember

Many runs on the Naknek are difficult to wade due to deep trenches, swift currents and oversized boulders. The trees and brush on shore create casting difficulties, as do our flies.

The migratory rainbows move into deep pockets mid stream and need the coercive powers of large swimming streamers tied with large eyeballs and heavy materials like rabbit that wiggle enticingly underwater.

Casting these large streamers along with fifteen feet of T-14 as far as possible isn’t easy, It is for these reasons most of our clients prefer to use spey rods while fishing in the fall or learn the fundamentals of spey casting.

Our guides at Bear Trail Lodge along with certified instructors like Tony Weaver, Mark Huber and George Cook have the knowledge and experience to help beginners learn while fishing on the water.

Join us along with award winning Rodney Strong Wineries on the Naknek River, for a five day, five night fishing experience priced at an undeniably low rate of $6,100.00 from Anchorage.

This pricing will include all of the usual 5 star lodge amenities plus enjoyment of Rodney Strong’s finest in the evening, flights from Anchorage to King Salmon, 2 days of fly out fishing to our remote streams and casting instruction from some of the best instructors available.

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