Nanci Morris Lyon

Nanci has been guiding sport fisherman in Alaska since her early 20s. It was fish that brought Nanci up north, but it was the small town feel of King Salmon and the Naknek River that held her here.

Nanci and her husband, Heath Lyon, are the owners and operators of Bear Trail Lodge. You will often see their daughter, Rylie, in and out of the lodge between her academic studies.

It is the rich sense of purpose, keeping the fishing sustainable and enjoyable for families, that sets Bear Trail Lodge apart.

Families are not only welcome but encouraged to come.

After years of learning from the Bristol Bay environment and its people, Nanci passes her knowledge on to future generations and is the lead instructor and one of the original founders of the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy.

She seeks to hire local Alaskans whenever possible and provide each guest with a glimpse into her wild Alaskan life.